New Supreme Wireless Solar Power Bank ES2.0

New Supreme Wireless Solar Power Bank ES2.0

New Supreme Wireless Solar Power Bank ES2.0

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Be prepared for your summer outdoor adventures! Just attach this water-resistant solar power bank with wireless charging features to your backpack and your gadgets will always have extra power

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Don't waste anymore time charging your backup charger! This one charges itself. With enough backup power to charge a phone up to 3 times, it is also water-resistant and has a powerful LED flashlight. Keep your family connected in an state of emergency

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Ensure The Safety Of Your Loved Ones While They Explore The World

Our customers love taking our Supreme Wireless Solar Power Bank ES2.0 along with them on crazy adventures out in the wild we create extra security for you! Enjoy staying out for longer and not being restricted due to a lack of power 

Solar power Bank Charger


  • 26,800MAH of reliable charge directly from the sun! (Type C Wall Outlet Input Option Available)
  • Waterproof and comes with LED Flashlight
  • Smart LED lights For Power Consumption Notification
  • Our Dynamic Mode Comes Standard On All Products
  • Our Solar Charger Is A Wireless USB Type C Fast Charger
  • Dynamic Mode Allows you to charge and power multiple tech gadgets or essential devices all powered off the sun! (ie: Smart Phone Wireless Charge, USB Powered Fan, USB 5G Hot Spot, USB Mini A/C Cooling Unit, Air Purifier etc.) The possibilities go on! You Pick Your Dynamic Experience.
  • This charger weighs - 1.2lb or 545g

solar power bank charger

The Ultimate Travel Companion Everyone Needs

This universal power bank charger boasts one solar panel that captures energy directly from the Sun and transforms it into charging power for your devices. You can choose between wired or wireless charging because it has two USB ports, one USB-C input/output, and Qi wireless technology

Outdoors Camping

 Say Goodbye To Heavy Charging Gear Reduce Your Load Now 

The solar cells' flexibility and the robust ETFE coating make this portable solar charger virtually indestructible and extremely durable. The UBS ports are also covered with a rubber plug that will prevent anything damaging the electronics

Solar Power Bank


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