Sickest Glow - Neon Lights Strip

Sickest Glow - Neon Lights Strip

Sickest Glow - Neon Lights Strip

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Sickest Glow Its function -- creating a neon-like light -- isn't new, yet people are developing ever more creative ways to capitalize on its unique Qualities.

Electroluminescent material is available in sheet and wire form, and both varieties have become more suited to consumer use since their invention.

The efficiency of Sickest Glow is very high, and thus a few hundred feet of Sickest Glow can be driven by AA batteries for several hours.

Sickest Glow popularity stems from its versatility and efficiency.

Sickest Glowsequencers are also used for costumes and have been used to create animations on various items such as kimonos, purses, neckties, and motorcycle tanks. They are increasingly popular among artists, dancers, maker culture, and similar creative communities, such as exhibited in the annual Burning Man alt-culture festival.


Characteristics of Sickest Glow
1. Flexible 
2. Energy saving 
3. Easy to install 
4. Cool to the touch 
5. Available in many color 
6. Available in continuous lengths (ranges several inches to thousands of feet. 
7. Powered by either batteries or house outlets 
8. Suitable for ornaments and jewelry 
9. Can be cut and spliced 
10. Enables braiding or looping 
11. Water resistant and weather durable 

performers dance while wearing costumes 
 widely used by artists and hackers to illuminate clothing (think glowing suits), bicycle spokes and turntables. It's ubiquitous at festivals such as Burning Man, where people create towering structures adorned with colorful strands soldered together.

Modern design and art.
Sickest Glow has a decorative safety function when it comes to stairs, walkways and bike helmets


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